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Inland navigation at the International “transport Week” Conference

Inland navigation at the International “transport Week” Conference

This year the inland and Baltic navigation was paid quite a lot of attention. On the second day of the event a conference titled “European Transportation Corridors – A Opportunity for Development of Polish Economy and Better Integration with the Eastern and Western Europe Markets” was held. The debate raised issues related to the development of inland navigation in Poland, both in terms of national transportation policy and of wider international meaning – the question of Poland joining the AGN Convention and the possibility to include the Polish waterways in the core network of the Trans-European Transport Corridors TEN-T.

The debate was conducted in a round table convention, gathering both the decision-makers and academia as well as representatives of the private sector in order to gain a wide perspective on the problem.

Among the speakers one could find Ryszard Swilski, a member of the Board of the Pomorskie Province and the President of the Association of the Polish Regions of the Baltic-Adriatic Transport Corridor; Krzysztof Blaszkiewicz, the Chief Specialist in the Department of Inland Navigation of the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation; and Ryszard Toczek from the Department of Cooperation and Municipal Analyses of the City Council of Gdynia. The meeting was supported by the expert knowledge of Urszula Kowalczyk, the Head of the Department of Economics and Law at the Maritime Institute in Gdansk, Professor Zygmunt Babinski, Professor Krystyna Wojewodzka-Krol, Professor Adam Bolt, and Professor Krzysztof Luks.

Representatives of the industry were also present: Wojciech Krolikowski, the President of the Board of Technical Ship Management (The Lotos Group); Jerzy Lewicki, representative of PCC Intermodal; Alan Aleksandrowicz, the President of the Board of InvestGDA, and many others. “The Development of Inland Navigation in Poland” was also the theme of the session organized by the Regional Economic Chamber of Pomerania, as part of a three-day international conference TRANSPORT WEEK 2016.

The conference involved Pawel Brzezicki, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation. In his speech, Brzezicki raised the question of the intermodal transportation market. During the meeting Zbigniew Antonowicz, the President of Szczecin-based Association “On the Oder into the World,” presented the results of the latest research related to the use of inland water transportation in Szczecin-Swinoujscie ports.

In terms of hydrotechnical and navigational aspects, the inland waterways in Poland carry enormous potential, which was stressed by Professor Adam Bolt from the Gdansk University of Technology. Marek Swieczkowski, the Chairperson of the North-South Logistics and Transportation Cluster, on the other hand, emphasized the benefits in the form of new jobs, commissions for the shipyards, and limiting of the costs related to the exploitation of the rolling stock.

As part of the debate, there was also presented a concept for revitalization of the E40 waterway. Urszula Kowalczyk from the Maritime Institute in Gdansk presented an analysis of the development of the inland connection from the Baltic to the Black Sea. During the session also water tourism was discussed – Michal Gorski, the President of the Board of the Petla Zulawska Company, spoke about its development on the basis of the Zulawy Loop.