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Declaration of marshals’ cooperation on the Vistula Bike Path and the development of water tourism on the Vistula

Declaration of marshals’ cooperation on the Vistula Bike Path and the development of water tourism on the Vistula

Presidential initiative is a subject of interest and approval of the local governments of voivodeships lying along the Vistula, which is the greatest polish river surrounded by long lines of flood embankments. The declaration was acceded by viovodeships: Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Lubelskie, Małopolskie, Mazowieckie, Podkarpackie, Pomorskie, Śląskie and Świętokrzyskie.

The document signed in Grudziadz is intended to accelerate the actions that need to be taken to implement the Vistula Bike Path project, which could become a national tourist product. Not only would it be one of the longest bike trails in the country, providing a safe journey by bike from the Beskid Mountains to the Baltic Sea and combining the 1500-kilometers trail with the tourist offer in the areas located within a radius of 25 kilometers on both sides of the river, but above all, it would be a branded tourist product enabling the cognition of natural, cultural and historical heritage of our country.

The marshals have also promised a commitment in utilizing a touristic potential of Vistula and its comprehensive development. The cooperation of voivodeships in this area will focus on the construction of ports, marinas and boathouses network for yachting, canoe and motorboat tourism, taking actions to improve the shipping of the Vistula River, development of water tourism in an international aspect, the creation of bathing and recreational complexes, and the creation of a joint water tourism offer and its promotion. It is even more important after taking under consideration that the Vistula shipping trail can be a significant tourist product (kayaking, passenger boats) based on a natural and cultural potential, having a large impact on the economic development of areas along the banks of the Vistula.